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Rubio airs first ad in Spanish

Republican Marco Rubio is the first major U.S. Senate candidate to air a Spanish-language ad. Makes sense, considering that the telegenic son of Cuban exiles is fluent in Spanish and can speak directly to the camera.

Yet in a recent debate aired on Univision, Rubio expressed his support for making English the official language of the U.S. Under one such proposal in Congress, that means the government would not be required to offer ballots and other documents in Spanish. But it's okay to try to get votes in Spanish?

Here's what he says (in English) and the ad is below: This is Marco Rubio. My parents came to this great country and worked very hard. They made many sacrifices so I could live the American dream. For that I will be eternally grateful. Unfortunately that dream is threatened by the actions of some politicians in Washington. I'm Marco Rubio and I approve this message because I will work so that our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to live out their dreams.