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Sink releases tax returns, calls on Scott to do the same now

Democrat Alex Sink today released five years worth of her tax returns and five years of her husband, Bill McBride's returns, and called on her Republican rival Rick Scott to do the same. Scott's promised to release his tax returns in June but has still not made them available. His campaign said this week that he filed an extension and his is still completing all the paperwork and therefore they would not make them available until the end of September or early October.

Sink's returns are posted on her campaign web site: www.AlexSink2010.com/taxreturns

"I have always held a strong commitment to sunshine and transparency.  It's important for Floridians to be able to compare the records, plans and backgrounds of their candidates, which is why I released my tax returns and my husband's tax returns for the last five years," Sink said in a statement. "In Florida we believe in Government in the Sunshine, but unfortunately for our citizens, Rick Scott doesn't seem to get that.  Scott owes the people of Florida some answers, and a good place to start is by releasing his and his wife's tax returns."  

Scott has been suspected of not revealing his true net worth in the financial disclosure document he filed in June, which listed his assets as $218 million. Sink's campaign called his "one of the most secretive campaigns in the history of our state."