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Video: Sink says of Scott's education claims: 'I don't think it's honest'

Democrat Alex Sink accused Rick Scott of failing to explain how he will pay for his corporation income tax cuts and his plan to reduce state dependence on local property taxes to pay for education. "He can go out all day long and say he'll eliminate certain taxes and yet not tell all the people of Florida what he would cut as a result,'' she said at a press conference with Miami Republican Sen. Alex Villalobos, who has endorsed her. "I don't think that's right. I don't think it's honest. So he has a lot of explaining to do."

Sink also said she will not expand the existing voucher program but she will not commit to eliminating it either.

"Rick Scott's education 'plan'  calls for deliberately ripping off $1.4 billion from local public schools and taking local control away from parents and teachers and hand it over to Tallahassee bureaucrats,'' said Sink spokeswoman Kyra Jennings. "Scott's so-called education plan is a fraud, just like his so-called economic plan, and just like Scott himself." In a statement, she cited a series of media reports that have raised questions about Scott's plan:

Rick Scott Proposed A $1.4 Billion Property Tax Cut That Would Eliminate $1.4 Billion From Coffers For Schools. Rick Scott's plan "calls for … immediately slicing the state-mandated property tax for schools from $5.29 per $1,000 of taxable value to $4.29 per $1,000. The property tax cut would eliminate about $1.4 billion from public coffers for schools, but Scott says a larger share of sales taxes and other general revenue would be shifted to schools to avoid a reduction in education spending. … Scott says the money for schools can be found by making a variety of cuts in non-education spending."  [Palm Beach Post, 7/21/10]

Rick Scott's Claim That He Could Cut Taxes Without Harming Schools Is "Warmed-Over Supply Side Economics That Is Out Of Touch With Economic Reality."  Rick Scott "proposes doing away with" the state's corporate income tax in seven years and would "force deeper cuts in property taxes." Scott claims he "would find enough savings elsewhere in the budget to hold schools harmless and still invest more in universities and community colleges. This is warmed-over supply side economics that is out of touch with economic reality."  [St. Petersburg Times, Editorial, 7/25/10]

Rick Scott Cannot Deliver On His "Deceptive" Promise To Cut Corporate Income Taxes And Property Taxes And Still Invest More In Education. Rick Scott's plan is "rehashing the same tired and outdated plans for reviving Florida's economy."  His "promise to cut corporate income taxes and property taxes - and still invest more in education to spur economic development - is deceptive pandering that even the Republican-led Legislature hasn't stooped to in recent years because it knew it couldn't deliver. Neither can…Scott."  [St. Petersburg Times, Editorial, 7/25/10]