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Klein says editor of biker magazine threatened him

U.S. Rep. Ron Klein says that the editor of Wheels on the Road magazine, emailed a threat to the Congressman today which he reported to Capitol Police "who are taking appropriate action,'' Klein's spokeswoman Melissa Silverman said in an email.

Silverman declined to provide details of the threat from the editor of the magazine read by the South Florida motorcycle riding community.

So we spoke to the editor -- who would only identify himself as "Miami Mike" -- directly and asked him if he threatened Klein.

Mike said he told Klein the email that he needs to be voted out of office and "you need a good ass
kicking which I'd be more than happy to do even though I'm a lot older than you." (Mike said he'd forward us the full email but for some reason it wasn't getting through to our inbox tonight.)

"A threat? Give me a break...,'' said 60-year-old Miami Mike when we spoke to him. "He cannot be scared of what I wrote. If he is he is just a real baby."

Miami Mike is miffed at Klein because the Democrats have accused Republican challenger Allen West of having ties to The Outlaws, a motorcycle club that the U.S. Department of Justice has labeled as criminals. The local NBC station showed footage of a West fundraiser at a park where leather-clad men intimidated a Florida Democratic Party videographer into leaving -- and the Democrats said that "some of West's supporters who followed his directive were wearing patches of the South Florida Confederation of Clubs, a club affiliated with the Outlaws."

West's campaign produced photos today showing Klein at an event with the leather-clad set and one can be spotted with that same patch.

"He's a hypocrite," Mike said.