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Meek jokes that Rubio should drop out

It was billed as a rally, but Meek's appearance Saturday at a Broward County early voting site was more of a parking lot press conference, ringed by a bunch of volunteers for other campaigns. Only a handful of people appeared to be there solely to support Meek, though a few people joined the fray after voting at Wilton Manors City Hall.

Saturday was the last day to vote early in Broward, the state's Democratic stronghold. "We want to make sure everyone lives, sleeps and breathes turning out the vote,'' said U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Weston.

Hoarse but upbeat, Meek described a series of phone calls he received from Gov. Charlie Crist earlier this week,  including one before 5 in the morning. "I lost count....The congresswoman said he called her too. Anyone else get a call?'' he asked, turning to the crowd. "There's a level of desperation there. I think it's wrong to try to paint me into a corner and say I'm the reason why he's not winning...There are no guarantees whatsoever, if the governor was to get out of this race or I got out of this race or Marco Rubio got out of the race -- which would be a great idea,'' Meek joked. 

He added: "If anything came out of this whole experience, people know that I with them in the final analysis. I am the Dem. I will  never sell out on them. I will never leave them behind."

Meek is scheduled to visit three three South Florida churches Sunday morning before flying to Tampa to begin a 24-hour, stopping-only-for-gas campaign spree.