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PPP: Sink leads Scott by 5 points

A new survey by Public Policy Polling, a Dem-leaning firm, shows Alex Sink with a 46 percent to 41 percent lead over Rick Scott among likely Florida voters. The firm surveyed 448 people from Oct. 9-10, with a 4.6 percent MoE. See the full results here. The poll says much of the lead can be credited to Sink's (eyebrow raising) 53-26 lead among independents.

From pollster Tom Jensen's analysis: The big story in this race is the independents. In most states across the country Republicans are dominating with them but the intense unpopularity of Scott is making this contest an exception to that rule. 61% of independents have an unfavorable opinion of him to only 20% who see him in a positive light and as a result Sink holds a 53-26 lead with that group, accounting for her entire overall lead.

Scott has at least improved his standing a little bit from PPP's last poll of the race, which found him down by 7. That's largely because the Republican base has warmed up to him in the weeks following his contentious primary win. In August he had only a 57-13 advantage over Sink with GOP voters and that has now expanded to 77-10. He is actually winning over more Democrats, at 13%, than Sink is Republicans and that's quite a change from earlier in the race.