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Sink says Scott can't be trusted

Alex Sink made a brief campaign appearance at the Broward Police Benevolent Association hall in Fort Lauderdale today to promote her recent ads that quote law enforcement officials criticizing Rick Scott.

"Rick Scott couldn't be trusted as the CEO of his company and he cannot be trusted to be our governor,'' said the Democrat running for governor at a press conference.

Broward PBA President Pat Hanrahan stood beside Sink and said "Law enforcement, public safety can't trust Rick Scott to do the right job."

Sink only took a handful of questions after her brief remarks. After the presser, she dashed away behind a closed door while we were in the middle of attempting to ask her a question about whether we need any pension/salary reform for public employees -- such as those at the PBA.

Sink spokeswoman Kyra Jennings gave us an answer: "we need to keep promises to those currently in the system" and stakeholders should have a say in any changes. In other words, Sink has revealed no specifics on this growing problem for local governments.