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Today on the trail: Republicans rally, Democrats pray and Crist keeps smiling

A boisterous crowd of 700 Republicans with "Fire Pelosi" stickers on their shirts packed a Sarasota jet hangar Sunday, hoping to launch their statewide ticket to a sweep of Florida's top political offices.

They welcomed U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio with the kind of thunderous applause more often associated with presidential candidates, while Rick Scott earned cheers for portraying his race for governor as a referendum on Washington.

Meanwhile, Democrats Alex Sink and Kendrick Meek, running for governor and U.S. Senator respectively, spent Sunday morning at predominantly black churches, where they hoped to push "souls to the polls."

"It's a neck-and-neck race," Sink said of her showdown with Scott. "Right now, for the next 48 hours, it's going to be all about getting our voters and supporters out to the polls."

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