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Allen West, Ron Klein down to the wire

Democrat incumbent Rep. Ron Klein has run television ads accusing his Republican opponent of harboring a "sinister side,'' of being "too extreme, too dangerous.'' And he has highlighted Allen West's personal financial troubles, including a string of liens from his homeowners association.

But the attacks have done little to slow West's momentum, and political experts suggest the too-close-to-call race in Florida's 22nd Congressional District reflects the nation's mood circa November 2010: anxious and angry.

"Voters haven't been swayed by the enormous personal baggage that would disqualify a candidate like West in another year,'' said David Wasserman, House political editor for the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, which rates the Klein-West battle a toss-up.

A West win, he said, would show that "voters are in more of a mood to send a message to President Obama and a Democratic Congress than they were in a mood to look at a candidate's personal background.'' Full story here.