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Are undecided voters going to Google?

On the eve of the Election, Florida voters are doing their homework -- at least they're doing their searches.

Google reports an uptick in searches for election-related information, as well as increased views of political videos on YouTube. Here are some interesting factoids:

  • Searches for gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink have hit their highest point since the August 24 primary. Searches for Rick Scott are at their second-highest point of the yera since the primary. (Source)
  • In Florida’s Senate race, searches for Marco Rubio are at their highest point of the year. Searches for Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek are at their second-highest points of the year. (Source)
  • In October, searches for information about immigration peaked on Oct. 26, but searches for information about health care started falling the previous day. (Source)
  • This month, Miami-area searches for “tea party” peaked on Oct. 21. (Source)
  • The most-viewed YouTube video in the U.S. Senate race is Marco Rubio’s A Generational Choice.
  • The most-viewed YouTube video in Florida’s gubernatorial race is Rick Scott’s Obama’s Mosque.