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George LeMieux: Don't touch me that way

The Florida senator criticized the Transportation Security Administration during a Senate hearing today, saying he's upset with the controversial pat-downs causing outrage across the country.

"I'm, frankly, bothered by the level of these pat-downs," LeMieux said. "I've seen them firsthand in airports in Florida. I wouldn't want my wife touched in the way these folks are being touched. I wouldn't want to be touched that way. We have to be focused on safety, but there's a balance."

LeMieux's comments came as Senators grilled TSA administrator John Pistole, a longtime law officer who took the reins of the agency in July. He offered pat-downs to the senators, telling them the level was appropriate to thwart terrorist attacks.

Some irked passengers are planning to protest the patdowns next week during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year.