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Gov. Rick Scott; Sink concedes

Democrat Alex Sink conceded defeat about 10:30 Wednesday in a surprise announcement in Tampa. She had said she would wait until all votes were counted.

Gov.-elect Rick Scott is to make a statement shortly after noon. Sink called Scott Wednesday morning and conceded, urging him to find ways "to bring Floridians together rather than tear them apart.

"He certainly understood he needs to be the governor for all of Florida and that's my top line message for today," she said. "The winner of this race was going to need to think of ways to pull Floridians together as oposed to pulling them apart or any kind of partisan politics."

At a press conference in Tampa, she said "we lost because of forces beyond our control -- between money and the mood of the country."

Sink said that despite those forces, she would not have done anything different.  "This race was decided by less than 100,000 votes. So we just felt a little bit short."