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Ice Cream for Max Gelber

Miami Beach homeboy Dan Gelber was remarkably lighthearted in defeat Tuesday night, when he faced about 250 sad supporters at the city's golf club off Alton Road.

The Democratic candidate for state attorney general had just phoned Republican winner Pam Bondi to wish her well.

Then Gelber spoke to the crowd about the start of his campaign over a year ago, recalling this exchange with his young son, Max.

"Daddy, if you win, can we get ice cream?" Max asked him.

"Yes, of course,'' Gelber responded.

Max paused and asked: "If you lose, can we get ice cream?''

Gelber nodded "yes," and his son smiled.

"I really like campaigns!'' Max said.

Gelber, standing at a podium with his wife, Joan, and their three children, went on to thank his family, campaign staff and supporters -- before calling it a night.

"Enough," said Gelber. "It's time for Max to get his ice cream.''