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Late-night rally in Orlando brings out crowd and whip-cracking rhetoric

A very large crowd, probably more than 1000, awaits former President Bill Clinton in downtown Orlando as Florida's full slate of Democrats charges them up in the final rally of the 2010 election cycle.

Dan Gelber gets the crowd fired up first: "The other side, they have had control of this state for 12 years and what they have done with this state is frightening,'' he says. "They have run this state into the ditch. Tomorrow we say: hand over the keys. It’s our turn to drive. And, by the way I’m going to be in the front seat.…While I'd like to be riding in the front seat, I will be riding shot gun because there has to be a woman driving that car: the next governor of the state of Florida, Alex Sink."

Democratic Agriculture Commissioner Scott Maddox takes aim at Rick Scott: Scott is “going to wake up Wednesday morning and find out he bought a $73 million butt-whooping. And that hurts a lot worse than a regular butt-whooping.”

Lieutenant Gov. candidate Rod Smith told them: “You can’t buy character. You can’t buy integrity and you can’t buy Florida.”

Alex Sink emphasizes GOP control in Tallahassee: "We need change. We need new leadership….We have the right kind of business experience," she says. Then she revives her call and response: "If you think character matters in the next governor are you ready to join our team and come with us?"

Kendrick Meek says: "There's no way we can afford sending Marco Rubio to Washington...I want you to treat this as a political emergency..." and get out to vote.