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Frederica Wilson on hat talk: Put a lid on it

Congresswoman-elect Frederica Wilson, a Miami Democrat, made a brief appearance on MSNBC Monday afternoon as one of 93 freshmen who will be sworn into the U.S. House in January.

Wilson, who has not yet resigned her position as state senator, listed her goals in Washington as reforming Race to the Top, the federal education grant program, "so we won't rely so much on test scores," and working to help the "fragile economy'' in Haiti.

"I also have a real issue with the way we allow cellphone usage in our cars," she said.

Wilson, who is replacing Kendrick Meek, touted her experience working with Republicans in the GOP-controlled Florida Legislature and said she would push for often-elusive compromise in Washington.

"If you're constantly bickering and holding up bills, you're not going to come up with any solution," she said, though she also acknowledged, "I can't wave a magic wand and make anyone do it."

At the end of the short interview, NewsNation's Tamron Hall asked Wilson whether she will wear her signature hats when Congress is in session. Rules ban members from wearing hats on the House floor.

"I really don't want my hats to overshadow my policy and what I stand for," Wilson said. Then she added: "I always wear a hat...I'm going to work on that. I don't have a solution yet. I don't have a plan of action."