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On the Dream Act, Florida senators diverge; Sen-elect Marco Rubio is against it

Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat, is a co-sponsor of the legislation that would give college students and military service members in the country illegally a chance to stay -- while Republican George LeMieux is a no vote.

And from the St. Petersburg Times Buzz blog, Alex Leary notes that incoming Sen.-elect Marco Rubio also opposes it.

"As I've said before, obviously there are children who are brought here by their parents when they were very young, illegally, but who are high academic achievers or want to serve in the Armed Forces and we should figure out a way to accommodate children in that specific situation," Rubio said in an interview.

"But the DREAM Act, as I have read it, goes well beyond that. It's much broader and is not the right approach to that issue. In fact, it makes having a legal immigration system that works harder to accomplish. I have the same position I had during the campaign."

LeMieux in September voted against a measure to take up the bill, saying "while I am sympathetic to the students impacted by current law, I cannot support consideration of the DREAM Act until we have taken substantial and effective measures to secure our borders."

Senate President Harry Reid has promised a vote on the Dream Act during Congress' lame duck session -- figuring that its chances for passage are better now than when Democratic numbers dwindle in January in the new Congress.

Miami Republican Rep.-elect David Rivera told NP earlier this week that he's not so sure about the measure -- which puts him and Rubio at odds with their fellow Miami Republicans -- in the House, the DREAM Act is being championed by Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, who earlier this week pressed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to bring the matter up for a vote.