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Palm Beach's votes are in: Sink gains 12,687, not enough to win

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Palm Beach County finished counting.

In what now appears to be a once-a-decade tradition, the Democratically-heavy coastal county became ground zero in determining the election. With all 789 precincts reporting, Palm Beach reported that Democrat Alex Sink had collected 216,438 votes -- 12,687 more than the totals on the Florida Division of Elections web site, which had given Scott a 72,000-vote margin.

That is enough to lower the gap, to 68,277. (Scott got another 8,960 too.) So for Sink, it's not enough to win. And, absent a major discrepancy at a polling place, it is not enough to even trigger a recount. That number is estimated at about 27,000.

The Sink camp was still interested in holding out for the results of the 32,000 straggling votes from early voters in Hillsborough County, Sink's home county. No word yet on when they will brief the media on their plans.

While Sink's party closed up at midnight, Republican Rick Scott addressed his remaining supporters and the media at 2 a.m. "We look forward to finishing the count," Scott said. "We know we're going to win."