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Politico: Rubio, Scott campaigns at the top for 2010

Politico has ranked the best executed campaigns for 2010 and Marco Rubio's come from behind ranks No. 1. Gov-elect Rick Scott also placed in the top.

"It’s easy to forget now, but this former Florida state lawmaker and son of Cuban exiles was once a no-name, 35-point underdog to an incredibly popular and polished governor," the site writes of Rubio. "With strong backing from national Republicans, Gov. Charlie Crist was smashing fundraising records and on his way to national stardom by capturing the state’s open Senate seat. But that was 2009. Rubio would become one of the first candidates to harness the energy of the burgeoning tea party movement, and a patient approach and a disciplined message ultimately propelled him to frontrunner status..."
It noted of Scott that "leading a health-care company that pled guilty to 14 felony charges involving Medicare fraud in the senior-rich state of Florida might appear to be a disqualifier in a run for governor. But with the help of his personal fortune, the 57-year-old Scott withstood harsh attacks from the establishment backed-attorney general in the GOP primary and from Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink in the general and capitalized on widespread economic anxiety."