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Ray Sansom has new job, wants trial delayed

Ray Sansom, the indicted former speaker of the Florida House, has a new job as dean of students at Okaloosa Academy Charter School and has asked for his trial to be delayed until after the school year.

The new job was disclosed in a court filing asking for the delay. "A one-to-two week trial of this case during the school year would create a burdensome hardship for Mr. Sansom resulting in his resignation or being terminated from his employment," the motion states.

Sansom has been charged with grand theft related to $6 million he inserted into the 2007 state budget for a building at Destin Airport that a private developer wanted to use as a hangar. The trial was set for early January but was pushed back to March 21. Now Sansom wants another delay citing his new job. "This request for a continuance to June or July 2011 will not harm any parties, and is requested in the interest of justice," the motion states.

Sansom is earning $3,000 a month and was hired as an independent contractor, a school official said. He is overseeing students at the Crestview campus. The academy is for at-risk students.