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Sink party subdued as music plays 'another one bites the dust'

At the lavish Marriott Waterside on Tampa's marina, the election night crowd for Alex Sink is growing but quiet. Two giant big screen televisions broadcast MSNBC's play-by-play of election results around the country. A DJ pipes in loud rock music. It was "Another One Bites the Dust." It's now "Only in America." The crowd lets out an occasional cheer as the television shows a rare Democratic win. The latest cheer came with the network's call of Mario Cuomo as New York's next governor.

Sink and her family, along with key supporters including state Sen. Arthenia Joyner, Bud and Kitty Chiles and Sen. Alex Villalobos are still watching returns in a hotel room. Drinks are flowing downstairs, and the shrimp and hors d'oeurves are being steadily consumed. But with the early returns of their last best hope of a Democratic statewide victory looking tighter and perhaps less promising than they had hoped, everyone is mellow.