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To close, Alex Sink brings back immigration

Overheard on Spanish-language radio during drive-time Monday morning: a jaw-dropping ad where Democrat Alex Sink attacks Republican Rick Scott on immigration, the touchy issue that introduced him to many Hispanic voters in Florida during the GOP primary.

The spot begins with a man in a car, chatting with his young daughter. He gets pulled over -- for speeding, his daughter says. Apologetically, he gives the police officer his driver's license and registration. In English, the cop asks for citizenship papers. The daughter translates. The man says he doesn't have them. The officer says he's going to have to detain him. The daughter's voice gets increasingly agitated. Then comes the kicker: The officer asks the girl for her proof of citizenship, too.

"But I was born here!" she wails.

Scary music ensues, along with a voice warning voters that Scott would support an Arizona-style immigration policy in Florida.

Sink is not the only Democrat bringing up immigration in a last-minute push for Hispanic support. Congressional hopeful Joe Garcia has a radio ad touting his backing of the U.S. Dream Act.

But the fear-inducing tone of Sink's spot is striking, even in the last-minute flood of campaign ads. Tuesday will tell if it's too little, too late.