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Marco Rubio: Obama administration putting out feelers on changes to U.S.-Cuba policy

Newly minted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio went on friendly airwaves Tuesday morning, in a Spanish-language radio interview to discuss U.S. policy toward Cuba.

Speaking on WAQI-710 AM -- better known as Radio Mambí -- Rubio said the Obama administration was already putting out "trial balloons" to feel out new members of Congress on their feelings toward loosening U.S. economic and travel restrictions on Cuba.

But the feelers won't go anywhere, Rubio said, because he and other like-minded senators and House members will educate their colleagues on the political reality in Cuba, including telling them about political prisoners like American Alan Gross, who has been imprisoned for more than a year.

A lot of elected officials don't know about the political reality in Cuba, Rubio said, not because they're Communists but because they come from states where the issue isn't discussed -- or where agricultural interests persuade them to let them sell their goods on the island.

As for his top issues in the Senate: "National security," Rubio said. "And the economy."

UPDATE: A link to the interview, in Spanish, is here.