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Sen. Hays doesn't like 'tubby baby.' Adam Putnam, veggie rapper?

Babysun The FL Senate Ag Committee is a good way to start a day. Last committee meeting, there was some chatting about turning equestrian waster into an energy source, a horsesh*t idea.

Today, Sen. Alan Hays had some criticisms for the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services logo of a healthy-looking kids chowing down. Hays thought the kid should be more svelte because the state wants slimmer, healthier kids.

"The baby in that first slide looks too tubby," he said. "My thought was: 'Couldn't we have a slimmer baby?'"

Indeed. Scrawny babies are the very picture of health. Hays said nothing about the fact that, in another picture, kids in diapers are playing around fruits and veggies.

Earlier, Director of Marketing Nelson Mongiovi was touting the state's "hip hop" advertising campaign for fruits and veggies, saying "kids love it." Sure they do. What's next? Ag Commish Adam Putnam rapping about bell peppers?

(**Note: we posted the wrong picture earlier)