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Attorney General Pam Bondi opposes automatic restoration of civil rights

Attorney General Pam Bondi just completed her first Clemency Board meeting by announcing she opposes the automatic restoration of civil rights and will move to immediately change the process. A statement just released:

“I fundamentally and philosophically oppose the concept of the automatic restoration of civil rights.  I believe that every convicted felon must actively apply for the restoration of his or her civil rights and that there should be a mandatory waiting period before applying. The restoration of civil rights for any felon must be earned, it is not an entitlement.

“When the Florida Board of Executive Clemency reconvenes for a special meeting in two weeks, it is my hope that the board enacts revised rules that protect Floridians while creating a fair process to restore deserving felons’ rights.  The burden of restoring civil rights should not fall on the shoulders of government, but rather it should rest on the individual whose actions resulted in those rights being taken in the first place.”