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Nan Rich calls Rick Scott's decision to halt health care law reforms a "personal vendetta"

Florida state Senate Democratic leader Nan Rich of Weston today blasted Republican Gov. Rick Scott for halting the state's implementation of the federal health care bill.

"I fear that what began as his own personal vendetta against the President’s health care initiative has morphed into a personal war using the governor’s office as his launching pad," she said.

Scott is the founder of the nonprofit Conservatives for Patients' Rights, established to fight the federal legislation.

“It is especially alarming given his questionable track record so far: the stoppage of millions of dollars in transportation projects until he can review them, followed by his decision to delay critical federal approval on redistricting amendments approved by 63% of Florida voters," Rich said. “The governor has an obligation to follow all the laws, not just the ones that fall within his conservative agenda. We hope that he is not advocating a return to the days when children up to 26 years old could not remain on their parents’ health insurance policies, and insurance companies routinely denied coverage to tens of thousands of Floridians with pre-existing conditions."

Rich also noted that U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson declined to issue an injunction against the law, saying "The governor would be well served by following his example."

What Rich failed to note is that Vinson said he expected the federal government would treat his ruling as an injunction.