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Nick Loeb (Sen candidate?) dines with Rick Scott campaign guru

Nick Loeb, a one-time Delray Beach state house candidate, is looking more and more like he's running for Senate. Last night, he was spotted dining with Gov. Rick Scott pollster Tony Fabrizio at Red's Steakhouse in South Beach.

If the independently wealthy Republican runs and hires Fabrizio, he's off to a great start. The pollster won wide admiration in Republican circles for his handling of Scott's campaign. Scott became the first independently wealthy political newcomer to win statewide off in a state littered with has-beens who couldn't cut it. Albeit, Scott's wealth helped (at least $76 million) but it was needed because he had some baggage.

Loeb has less cash and more flash than Scott: He's the boyfriend of Modern Family star Sofia Vergara. Some background here.

"I don’t know if he’s made a final decision," Fabrizio said. "He’s an impressive guy. He’s got his head screwed on right about the sacrifices that are involved. He’d be an attractive candidate."

But Fabrizio said he's still talking to other potential candidates, but he wouldn't name names. So far, Senate President Mike Haridopolos has become the first big name to officially declare he's running. Former state House leader Adam Hasner and U.S. Rep. Connie Mack are also considering bids.

"This has gotten out of the gate quickly because of Haridopolos," Fabrizio said. "If you want to be U.S. Senator, this is a wide-open field."