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President invites Gov. Scott to White House for...Obama-meal?

Obama dinner Gov. Rick Scott attended a black-tie dinner with other governors at the White House Sunday, where President Obama acknowledged differences in perspective but urged common ground.

"There’s extraordinary diversity among our states, and that’s a great strength," Obama said. "That’s why our federal system is the laboratory for democracy, because in each of your states you guys are trying all kinds of things. And oftentimes your best ideas end up percolating up and becoming models and templates for the country. But we’re also one nation and our goal has to be to find ways to find common ground and to work together, and I’m confident that we can do that moving forward."

Scott is no fan of Obama's policies, and has a tendency to prefix everything out of Washington as Obama-something (Obamacare, Obamarail, etc.) But he and other critics put that aside for the fancy affair. Obama toasted the group and joked, "I know some of you may be confused and think this is the Oscars. There are some similarities. First of all, everybody looks spectacular. And the second is this: If I speak too long, the music will start playing."

The governors are in town for the National Governors Association meeting and plan to return to the White House on Monday for meetings.

Dinner was served on the Johnson China Service and included salad of roasted pears with housemade ricotta, walnut crisps, with White House Kitchen Garden greens; Scallops with spiced mango chutney; “Surf and Turf” local black angus beef with blue crab; black beans and rice; plantain chips; coconut sorbet in a chocolate shell with poached tropical fruits made with White House Honey. American wines from California, Washington and New York were served with each course.


-- Alex Leary