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Scott: I know what needs to happen in Florida

Gov. Rick Scott this morning made his third appearance on FOX News in the past 17 days to once again slam Congress for not repealing President Obama's overhaul of health insurance laws while simultaneously lobbying those same lawmakers to give Florida more flexibility to pay for rising Medicaid rolls here.

"I know what needs to happen in Florida," Scott said. "I know what our citizens need."

Scott compared Medicaid to the federal stimulus bill.

"We've got a stimulus bill that covered things for a while and then when it goes away, you've created more dependency," Scott said. "The same thing is going to happen with this. They're going to create a lot of dependency for Medicaid and then they're going to pull the rug out from under Floridians."

Scott said there are already six taxes paying for "Obamacare" and another 18 taxes and feeds in the pipeline. (Scott's math comes courtesy of Americans for Tax Reform, whose list includes 22 total taxes and fees.)

"We know it's unenforceable for the state, for NFIB, (but) they're still asking insurance companies to comply with it," Scott said of the health care law. "So we need to get this confusion taken care of. They need to change what they're doing, just like welfare reform. Give us a block grant. We don't need all these strings attached from Washington."