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Sen. Dockery wants Rick Scott's rail guy to cough up his bullet-train emails

The last time Sen. Paula Dockery requested passenger rail-related emails from the Florida Department of Transportation it led to a bizarro investigation involving breakfast-food-name-emails that were sent and received by DOT official Kevin Thibault. (The probe, concerning whether public records were hidden, determined there was no wrongdoing).

Now Dockery's back. And again she wants documents about rail from Thibault, who despite his high position as DOT's rail guru couldn't tell us last week about basic ridership numbers for Central Florida's proposed commuter rail line and high-speed rail.

Here's the records request:

Kevin Thibault

Executive Director, Florida Rail Enterprise

Florida Department of Transportation

Mr. Thibault:

I am formally requesting electronic copies of all documents, written materials and electronic messages relating to the unreleased feasibility study on the high speed rail (HSR) link between Tampa and Orlando, including the new ridership estimates, that are in the possession of any FDOT employee, the HSR project consultant HTNB, and any other contractor or consultant of the Florida Department of Transportation. This includes, but is not limited to, emails, letters, memoranda, notes, phone logs, office appointment calendars, legal memorandum or opinions, agreements and contracts from October 1, 2010 through February 25, 2011.

Additionally, if it is the intent of the department to hold back any exempt records, please reference a statutory citation for the exemption that is being utilized.

Thank you.

Paula Dockery, State Senator

15th District