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Scott Walker in Wisconsin: "I think we do the same thing with Rick Scott in Florida"

The Wisconsin governor who has his state in an uproar over plans to end collective bargaining for unions, revealed some of his plans today in a phone call with a Buffalo, N.Y. blogger he thought was conservative financial backer David Koch.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott -- who is asking state workers to contribute to their pensions -- came up in the discussion.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that Walker said "that Republican governors in other states are employing similar strategies of removing power from unions, noting that he has spoken to Ohio Gov. John Kasich on the subject.

"In Ohio, lawmakers are debating a bill that would abolish collective bargaining rights for state workers. Thousands of protesters have shown up at that state's Capitol.

" 'I talk to Kasich every day. John's going to stand firm in Ohio. I think we do the same thing with Rick Scott in Florida. I think (Rick) Snyder, if he got a little support, could do the same thing in Michigan. I think if you go down the list, a lot of us new governors got elected to something big. "