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Broward family marks 4th year of Bob Levinson's disappearance

Today marks four years since Coral Springs resident Bob Levinson went missing off an island in Iran and his wife, Christine, says the family is "encouraged at news that he is alive.

"Our family is eagerly waiting for the day we will be reunited," she said in a statement on www.helpboblevinson.com marking the four year anniversary of his disappearance. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week suggested there is evidence that Levinson is alive and being held "somewhere in southwest Asia."

Iran Tuesday asked the U.S. for more information about Levinson and the State Department said an Iranian delegation has applied for visas to come to the U.S. Spokesman PJ Crowley said the US isn't sure what more information Iran needs, noting the U.S. has been "providing and publicly calling for Iran to help with the case.

"But we are gratified that Iran had indicated an interest," he said.