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Enu Mainigi ends role as Rick Scott's transition director

Five months after Election Day and three month since Gov. Rick Scott took office, Enu Mainigi is officially out as transition director.

But Scott would not say the transition is complete. "I don't know if it's ever done," Scott said. "It seems like it's everyday. But yeah, it's pretty much finished."

Pretty much? Scott still has not hired anyone to head the Department of Transportation, has an interim director at the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, former Gov. Charlie Crist appointees in several departments and the state education commissioner resigned last week.

"She's pretty much finished," Scott said of Mainigi. "She helped a lot on finishing up the agency heads, but we're finished."

It's unclear what role Mainigi will continue to play for Scott. A D.C.-based attorney, Mainigi has been an adviser for Scott since he was head of the Columbia/HCA hospital chain. Scott's director of appointments and personnel, Elaine Jordan, will take over much of Mainigi's duties, Scott said.