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Fasano levies tough criticism of Scott in NYT

With the session beginning today, the New York Times gave front-page play to a look at the dynamics between Gov. Rick Scott and ruling Republicans. And Sen. Mike Fasano takes the first swing with this quote in paragraph three:

"The governor doesn’t understand there is a State Constitution and that we have three branches of government,” he said. “They are talking about the attitude that he is still the C.E.O. of his former health care corporation, and that is not going to work in this state, in Tallahassee, in my district. The people believe in three branches of government."

Such a tone isn't new with Fasano, of course. You'll recall the hubbub over Scott's "No Fasano zone" for administration staffers. Also of note are the gentle comments by House Speaker Dean Cannon, who said Scott is going through an "understandable adjustment" from the campaign to governing.

But the fact that these intra-party dynamics merit a look by the nation's paper of record means the issue likely isn't going away soon. Should be a fun 60 days.