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Senate says just say no to (rump) crack, yes to felons jobs rights

Sen. Gary Siplin's so-called "droopy-drawers" bill that would punish school kids for displaying their hind and other quarters in a vulgar fashion passed the Senate unaninmously. SB228, if passed by the House, would allow school officials to suspend kids who repeatedly violate the dress code.

And on to more weighty topics: Getting people (former felons) back to work. From a press release (cuz I'm too lazy to type it myself):

Senator Christopher L. Smith’s (D-Ft. Lauderdale) Senate Bill 146 has passed the Senate floor with 39 YEAS and 0 NAYS. This bill will allow ex-offenders to have a second chance to be productive members of society. Senate Bill 146 removes the hurdle that many ex-offenders face when seeking employment. The bill requires states agencies to outline the conditions that will prevent an ex-offender from obtaining employment. The bill will remove liability when employers hire ex-offenders. The bill also outlines that reinstatement of Civil Rights is not required to obtain occupational licenses, permits, or professional certifications. “The goal of the bill is to give ex-offenders access to employment,” Smith said.