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Bob Graham's lesson on university funding

Former Democratic governor and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham is taking to the editorial pages of Florida's newspapers to warn against a slow march by the Republican-dominated Legislature against the state's core values.

In an opinion column that appeared in the St. Petersburg Times on April 3, 2011, Graham openly questioned whether the Legislature's decision over the past decade to reduce taxes has produced the high-quality jobs the tax cuts promised, and whether the Legislature is backing away from a commitment to preserve the Florida Everglades.

He also took on the Legislature when it comes to how the state funds its university system. In doing so, he provided a claim that piqued our interest. He wrote:

"Since 1990, in inflation-adjusted dollars, per-student funding of the state university system from general revenue has dropped by about $4,000," Graham wrote. "These savage cuts to education expose a lack of vision for Florida's future." Find out if Graham is right?