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Can Debbie Wasserman Schultz do it all?

Though she has yet to officially take the job, there's talk/skepticism in some quarters that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is going to have a tough time balancing the demands of her congressional job and her new high-profile post as chief of the national Democratic party.

The Broward Dem calls it bunk. Some in the blogosphere agree. "It's possible that it's not the two jobs critics are worried she can't handle, it's the THREE," says a writer on the XXFactor. "She's also a mother to three kids, including a set of twins."

Wasserman Schultz -- who is likely to be voted into the role on May 4 -- said in an interview that "being a mom and representing my district are my No. 1 priority. But I've been pretty darn good at multi-tasking and juggling for 18 years. There's a reason my campaign motto has been 'No one works harder for us' and that's been true."

She said she plans to be a "consistent and regular presence" in her mostly Democratic district, "as I always have been."

She noted that her role with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during the 2010 election took her to 52 congressional districts in 25 states, and that she "was still able to focus on representing my district and doing a good job. If you want something done, you give it to a busy person."

She said she does plan to talk to former senators Chris Dodd and Mel Martinez, each of whom served as party chair without giving up their seats in Congress.