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Conchs give Scott a (urine) sample of their love

A group of Key West residents calling themselves the Committee for the Positive Insistence on a Sane Society (PISS) plans to gather at high noon today to gather a communal, Southernmost urine sample.

The committee says this is a peaceful protest of Scott's plan to drug test state employees. "In one breath our CEO professes to be focusing on cutting wasteful government spending and laying off tens of thousands of state employees, while at the same time he announces a program to drug test state employees without any legitimate basis for such an invasion of privacy," attorney Robert Cinton wrote in the press release.

The sample supposedly be "kept under lock and seal" until it can be transported to Tallahassee. "In his way, the committee will save the Florida taxpayers from the expense of paying for individual drug testing in Key West," according to the press release.

"It is the real thing!" Cinton wrote in a follow-up e-mail. "Only in Key West, as they say!"