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Cook Political Report's "Most Endangered" include Allen West

National Journal has Cook Political Report "redistricting guru" David Wasserman crunch the numbers to determine which "certain unfortunate incumbents" will be "sucked into a ritual of panic" -- over whether or not redistricting will leave them with seats they'll able to win.

The 10 most "nervous" Republicans include just one from Florida: Rep. Allen West, with Wasserman noting that the district "may be the ugliest gerrymandered patchwork of precincts in the country, and West won one of the ugliest races in the country in 2010, unseating Democrat Ron Klein with a big lift from senior voters in Palm Beach and Broward counties.

"If new voter-approved anti-gerrymandering measures are enforced (and that's a big if), West's district will have no place to go but into neighboring Democratic precincts, helping to pave the way for Democratic former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel."

No Florida Democrats made the top 10 most endangered Dems.