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Hissing. Ostracisim. And Scott Randolph's psy ops against Daphne Campbell

House Democrats are ostracizing one of their own, Miami Rep. Daphne Campbell, after she backed a Republican abortion bill and quoted the Bible on the floor of the Florida House.

On Friday, Campbell was pressured to cancel a press conference where she wanted to demand public apologies from Democratic leader Ron Saunders and from Rep. Scott Randolph who clashed with her two days before over the abortion bill.

Another Democrat, Janet Cruz of Tampa, hissed when Campbell spoke on the floor during a debate about a bill limiting lawsuits, and was quieted by Republican House Speaker Dean Cannon. And then, during debate, Randolph began bringing up grisly cases that occurred in group homes Campbell ran years ago.

"If I come in with something like an obstructed bowel, in an emergency situation, and have to go into emergency surgery, coming then into the ER with an obstructed bowel, I would not get to choose which doctor may have liability insurance and which may not?” Randolph asked as Campbell — his back-bench mate — stood by.

Randolph’s reference: Reports about an August 2006 case in which a resident of one of Campbell’s Miami group homes died of a suspected obstructed bowel after he was hospitalized.

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