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Lawmakers work out deal over adult education funding

State lawmakers have tweaked a provision in the state Legislature's higher education budget that had Miami-Dade educators worried about a possible drop in the school district's high school graduation rate.

The original proposal would have done away with additional higher education funding for high school students taking adult education classes -- usually at night or over the summer, and often to recover credits for classes they failed and need in order to graduate.

Miami-Dade would have taken the biggest hit from the change. But it looks like the district and local lawmakers made enough noise to get the provision changed. Sen. Oscar Braynon II, D-Miami Gardens, had tried to make the change on the Senate floor, but was rebuffed until the House and Senate met to iron out budget details.

The higher education budget conference agreed to allow high schoolers to take adult classes for one more year -- as long as the kids are re-taking core classes that they need to meet graduation requirements, and they limit the number of adult courses to two per student.