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Rep. Scott Randolph threatens Rep. Campbell, trashes her pen after abortion comments

Democratic Rep. Scott Randolph was so upset with colleague Daphne Campbell for backing a GOP abortion bill that he told her he’d get an opponent to unseat her in two years.

 Randolph also flung some of her papers at her and threw her pen in the trash, according to Campbell and other lawmakers who witnessed the outburst. They said Campbell, D-Miami, threw some items back at him.

“You are a traitor,” Randolph reportedly said. “I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will get an opponent.”

Campbell’s retort: “You have no right. God put me here.”

Hours later, by coincidence, Miami resident Matthew Tisdol, 27, announced he would run against Campbell. Tisdol said he hadn’t talked to Randolph.

The Democrats leader, Ron Saunders, said he saw the incident and urged Randolph and Campbell to calm down.

“They were flinging things at each other and I said, ‘Hey, guys, this isn’t high school.’ You need to stop.”

Saunders said he retrieved Campbell’s wooden pen from the trash can and gave it back to her.

“It was on Scott’s desk, so he threw it away,” Saunders said.

Campbell had a rough day in the Florida House. In the morning, Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz tweeted that she was crazy.

 "My bill sponsor is Daphne Campbell" is #LegislativeDictionary for "my idea is nuttier than a bag of squires," Gaetz Tweeted, apologizing later that he meant to say “squirrels” instead of squires. He removed the Tweet and apologized to Campbell, who then went on to support the Republican bill against abortion.

Campbell quoted the Bible and reminded the members “Thou shalt not kill.”

The furor was also noticed by Republican leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera. Republicans were annoyed with Randolph for his comments about a woman’s uterus – a word that he said he was almost banned from using.

“I don’t know what’s up with that guy,” Lopez-Cantera said. “He said he’s pro-choice, but when Daphne Campbell wants to make a choice, he punishes her for it.”