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Rick Scott: I lost money on Solantic sale

Running government isn't like running a business. Consider the case of Gov. Rick Scott, founder of the star-crossed Solantic chain of walk-in clinics. While he always believes in making a profit in private business, Scott says he had to sell his ownership in the company at a loss for public-relations reasons.

A frequent target of lawsuits, Scott was deposed in a Solantic suit just after he filed to run for governor. He quickly settled the case and then refused to release the deposition, calling it a private matter.

Then, when he became governor, Scott quietly transferred his ownership to his wife's trust. But now, Scott seems to suggest he owned it all along.

Asked this morning about his decision to sell Solantic, Scott said: "As you know, I'm selling my ownership interest in Solantic , I'm selling it to the other company that was a major investor in it.
It was the right thing to do. My focus is governor of the state, I'm putting all my time into governor of the state. I'm putting lot of time into being governor of the state and that's what I'm focused on now."

Scott said he sold it for less than the estimated $62 million it was worth, but wouldn't say how much less.

"I sold it for less than that," he said 

After all, it's a private business matter, right?