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Luther Campbell: Miami-Dade is 'a banana republic'

The ever-so-quotable Luther Campbell -- the artist formerly known as Uncle Luke, now a Miami-Dade mayoral candidate -- was on Michael Putney's Sunday morning show on WPLG-ABC 10 and dropped a few memorable one-liners. The highlights:

On the state of the county: "When you look at what has been going on in South Florida for the last 18 years...it's a banana republic," he said. "Every year, you find a politician going to jail."

On running for mayor without ever holding public office: "When you look at some of the greatest governors -- I mean, when you look at Arnold Schwarzenegger -- we had a president that was an actor," Campbell said. "We had Jesse 'The Body' Ventura who was the governor of Minnesota...[Entertainers], we do represent the people, and feel for the people."

On the lyrics in 2 Live Cru songs, including Me So Horny and Pop That Cootchie: "It's songs you partied to -- and a lot of other people," he told Putney.

Kendall, Campbell said, should be allowed to incorporate into a city. And Miami-Dade departments should be audited, leading to resignations and people leaving County Hall "in handcuffs."

In conclusion: "I'm going to win it straight out," he said of the race. "I'm the only candidate that's going to have individuals voting across racial lines in the history of South Florida."