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Marco Rubio on immigration: "First and foremost, border security"

President Barack Obama today cited one of Marco Rubio's predecessors, Mel Martinez, as a Republican supporter of immigration reform, but Rubio told reporters before Obama's immigration speech today that border security is the priority.

"First and foremost we have to secure the border, we have to secure the workplace," said Rubio. "We can't move on to the modernization of our legal immigration system until both the border and the workplace are secure, through both E-Verify and real security at both the Canadian and the Mexican borders. We've got to accomplish that first before we can do any modernization, which is needed."

Obama earlier today included Martinez in a list of Republicans and Democrats who "don’t always see eye-to-eye, but are coming together on this issue. They see the harmful consequences of a broken immigration system for their businesses and for their communities, and they understand why we need to act."