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Marco Rubio to prod White House to step it up on Syria

The Miami Republican plans a press conference today with Sen. Joe Lieberman to press for a Senate resolution that calls for a greater U.S. role in Syria.

On CBS this morning, Rubio said the U.S. "should be the leading voice in the world condemning what’s happening in Syria. We should make it very clear whose side we’re on, and we're on the side of the Syrian people."

The White House has imposed sanctions on Syria and warned Friday that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad's attempt to stay in power "will not restore stability and will not stop the demands for change in Syria." It also warned Assad that the U.S. would "take additional steps to make clear our strong opposition to the Syrian government's treatment of its people."

But it's apparently not enough for Rubio: "Any time a government has to use government forces and army forces to kill unarmed civilians in order to hold on to power, that makes them illegitimate, and that’s what’s happening in Syria," he said. "And I hope the United States will be a clear voice saying that.

"We're asking the administration to do more," he said. He said he's not advocating military action -- "I don't think that's the solution." But his stance could put him at odds with tea party supporters who have generally supported less foreign intervention.