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Rick Scott still going over elections bill

Gov. Rick Scott told to South Florida reporters Tuesday afternoon at the annual Governor's Hurricane Conference in Broward County that he's still considering the elections bill.

“I’m reviewing the elections bill. I get I think it’s about 300 bills that I’m reviewing," he said. “What I’ll be thinking about in reviewing that bill is one, I want people to vote, and of course it would be nice if they voted for me, but I want people to vote, but I also want to make sure there’s no fraud involved in elections." 

“All of us as individuals that vote want to make sure that our elections are fair and honest.”

When asked his thoughts about a letter written by Florida’s Democratic congressional delegation to the Department of Justice, saying that the bill violates the federal Voting Rights Act, Scott responded:

 “I’m not going to sign a bill that I believe discourages people from voting. I want people to vote. I know what it’s like to run for office, and it’s important that people vote. We all took civics class in ninth grade and part of it is this is a great country. We get to vote and we get to take our positions and I want people to vote.”

Scott's comments on other topics:

Ethics Commission ruling

"I'm very comfortable that I've been transparent in all my business dealings," Scott said. "If any of you decide to run for office, basically everything you do is public record, and I've filed lots of things, so I'm glad that happened."

Insurance overhaul

"The insurance bill that I signed starts the process of moving Citizens from being the insurance company of first resort to the insurance company of last resort. What all of us as taxpayers have to understand is right now the way Citizens is set up, we’re on the hook for over $500 billion worth of risk, depending on the size of the storm. So what this bill does is start the process of allowing us to recruit other companies to come back into our state, so we get more insurance companies and hopefully they will make sure that it’s fairly priced."

“On top of that, we have to focus on fixing some of the things that cause our insurance to be more expensive than it should be. As examples, there’s a lot of examples where we have sinkholes that individuals take the money, they don’t actually fix their homes and so was it really a problem or not? On top of that, do you need five years to file a claim?"

"My focus is on making sure we have a robust insurance market and we move Citizens to the insurance company of last resort, and we make sure that we can recruit other companies to come back to the state.”

Capital improvements for state universities

"As you know I’m reviewing the budget, spent a lot of time reviewing every line in the budget. And I’m going to sign the budget because it does what I wanted, and that’s reduced business taxes. We’re in the process of phasing them out. Almost half the business owners won’t pay it any longer. Reducing property taxes by $210 million, and reducing the size and cost of government."

 “But on top of that, there’s about 3,000 lines in the budget, and I’m reviewing all those with my team. And I’ve spent a lot of time so I’m going to be reviewing each of those and see. The filter will be whether it helps build jobs or whether it kills jobs. As you know I ran on a campaign of getting our state back to work and that’s what I’m focused on.”