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Tim Pawlenty's Florida team and its Jeb Bush ties

GOP presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty -- who made Florida one of his first stops on his kickoff campaign -- has announced a Florida campaign team -- with a number of Friends of Jeb Bush.

Phil Handy will serve as Pawlenty''s Florida state chairman, as well as a national finance co-chair. Handy was Bush's gubernatorial campaign state chairman in 1994 and 1998 and a co-chairman in 2002. Until January 2007, he served for six years as chairman of the Florida State Board of Education, appointed by Bush. Handy in 2008 was John McCain's Florida chairman and national co-chair.

Former Bush aide Justin Sayfie will serve as a Florida co-chair of Pawlenty's campaign. Sayfie was a senior policy advisor, spokesman and speechwriter for Bush and is the founder of the web aggregator, Sayfie Review.

Pawlenty already had longtime Bush family fundraiser Ann Herberger as the campaign’s national senior finance advisor and Gretchen Picotte as the Florida finance director. Picotte was on Gov. Rick Scott's  fundraising team. During the 2008 election, she served as Florida finance director for Rudy Giuliani's presidential committee. She also worked for McCain 2008.