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Allen West sides with Dennis Kucinich over House Speaker John Boehner -- at least when it comes to Libya

No one has ever accuses the Broward lawmaker of not speaking his mind. The Republican today voted for a Libya resolution sponsored by Democrat Dennis Kucinich -- and against a resolution brought by House Speaker John Boehner. He was one of only 10 Republicans to vote against the speaker's resolution -- which cleared the House.

"I voted w/ Rep Kucinich today for Pres to w/draw troops from Libya in 15 days," West Tweeted. "I voted against Speaker Boehner- his resolution isn't strong."

Boehner said Wednesday that the Kucinich measure "would have long-term consequences that are unacceptable, including a precipitous withdrawal from our role in supporting our NATO allies in Libya, which could have serious consequences for our broader security." His resolution would give the administration 14 days to justify US involvement in the country.

West earlier in the week expressed skepticism about the US role: "I cannot understand and I don’t know what the goal and objective are," he said during a speech at the Heritage Foundation. "No one can clearly tell me who these rebels or who the rebel leaders are."