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Dems to keep rattling Florida Republicans on Medicare

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee plans an online campaign to press Florida GOP Senate hopefuls Mike Haridopolos, Adam Hasner and George LeMieux on the GOP budget plan that last week emerged as an issue in the GOP Senate primary.

The DSCC says its online effort will "mobilize thousands of activists and call on Mike Haridopolos, Adam Hasner and George LeMieux to tell the Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell and other Washington Republicans that their extreme plan to end Medicare is a non-starter.

The DSCC says it plans to use a "wide array of online tools" to reach activists, including launching a series of online ads targeted at Floridians. The party says under the GOP plan, 275,900 seniors in Florida would pay $7,383 more in out of pocket health care costs.   

Hasner and LeMieux have backed the plan; Hardidopolos said it would need to be changed before he'd vote for it. The push, of course, won't move the lawmakers. But it gives the Democrats another chance to hammer at the spectre of the GOP looking to mess with Medicare.