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Frederica Wilson, the only Florida lawmaker to vote for raising the debt ceiling

The Miami Democrat was one of just 97 lawmakers -- all Democrats -- to vote in favor of raising the legal limit on government borrowing. The vote itself was largely seen as a political exercise by both parties eager to embarass the other side.

The vote for a "clean" debt limit increase — one with no budget cuts attached — failed 318 to 97. It was organized by Republicans who were against such a move unless it included major spending cuts. Democrats wanted a debt limit increase with no such strings attached, but most voted against the GOP move -- even as they warned that it could rattle financial markets.

"The Republican majority’s willingness to jeopardize the full faith and credit of the United States in order to bolster the case for their plan to end Medicare is a blatant stunt I will not be a part of," said Rep. Ted Deutch, a Palm Beach Democrat who voted against the measure.